About Us

Importer & Wholesaler of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Food – Feed Industrial Chemical

PT. Anindojaya Swakarsa established since December 4, 1993. As the loyal and trusted employee, Mr. Djohan Arifin handles this company itself and move on pharmaceutical raw material started on July 1997.

Since PT. Anindojaya Swakarsa established until now with experience almost two decade has been placed our company as market leader for, Mefenamic Acid ex. Tianxin, and Rifampicin ex Shenyang Antibiotics which control the market above 50 % standard Indonesia market and will
be pass by other products.

We are sole agent of most major pharmaceutical factory around the world such as: Tianxin Group, Shenyang Antibiotics Manufacturer, Shengxue Glucose Hebei, Yifan Xinfu, Fyse – Ercros, for sure it will be followed by many other that we wouldn’t mention their names now. Today, companies in Indonesia which have become our fixed customers are the top of pharmaceutical and food – feed industries in Indonesia.

Become a blessing for the glorious and spontaneous country.

Be a blessing for the principal, partner, customer, employee, owner, state and nation of Indonesia and become a blessing where God brings PT. Anindojaya Swakarsa.